Bible centred exercise might just be the way to get you physically and spiritually fit.  Jon Taylor, the mastermind behind The Armoury, a faith based gym in Cheltenham, is running a new type of exercise class to get your mind and your body working.

Working with PSALMS and the Diocese of Gloucester, Jon is exploring sessions for family fitness, adult fitness and mobility.

Four pilot faith and fitness classes in Holy Trinity Minchinhampton, explored the themes of endurance, living life to the full, change and determination.  These were sadly pushed online, now that lockdown 2 is here, but if you’re wishing you had a chance to take part, they will be filmed and here on the PSALMS website and also via the PSALMS YouTube channel.

Jon said, “The plan is that this will be a free resource for people to use to keep mentally, physically and spiritually sharp from home. I thank God for the opportunity to share His Good News via fitness.”

Each session is centred around the Bible and allows people to explore faith and wellbeing.

The sessions are only 15 mins and are free for you and your family to use.

It is a HIT Session, so check it out and if you enjoy it, be on the lookout for another each week.

Please see the latest one below:


Session four:


Session three:


Session two:


Please see the first session below: