Youth Scape

A website from a youth team based in Luton.  This website is a great resource of fun games, teaching and other content to enjoy.


Youth Alpha

The Alpha Youth Course helps young people explore the big questions of life.  If you are mentoring a young person over the internet you could watch these video prior to each session.


St. Paul’s, Cheltenham – Youth 

A PDF resource with further links to additional activities.


60 second Sermons

These 60 second sermons are a great watch and could be used in mentoring discussions or as a chat at dinner time.


Holy Trinity Brompton – HTB Youth

Newly made site to view all online content with meetings being run from different Ministers front rooms. Aimed at ages 11-18. – if you use Facebook

& htbyouth or htbyouthonline for their Instagram posts


The Sports Factory

Full of devotionals, Facebook live activities, Bible reflections and games to get your teeth into.