It’s Your Move (Y6-Y7 Transition)

Whether you were a confident or a scared 11-year-old, chances are that you were at least a bit apprehensive about moving to secondary school and starting this new phase of your life.

Our “It’s Your Move!” workshops are designed to help children make the move from primary to secondary education, giving advice, dispelling myths and telling real-life stories of people who have already had their move! Educationally-appropriate and culturally-sensitive, It’s Your Move has been run annually in local school with glowing feedback from pupils and teachers alike.

Depending on class size the workshop can be run over a single, or double, lesson and even comes with the option of a while school of KS2 assembly.

As part of the workshop the “It’s Your Move!” book is given freely to pupils taking part thanks to donations from our partners. The book  is made up of helpful information and advice for children moving school.It features real-life stories of children who are about to make the move and those who have made it in the recent past. There is also advice from teachers and schools workers. Bible content comes from retold Bible studies and there is place to refl ect on Psalm 139. There are puzzles, quizzes and places to personalise the book through doodles, signatures, photo pages etc.

If you are a teacher and interested in us supporting your pupils moving onto secondary school by delivering an ‘It’s Your Move’ workshop, please get in touch with us.