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Prayerful support is at the centre of our work and we believe that it is essential for everything we do at PSALMS.

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Please see our recent prayer diary below:

Answers to prayer:


  • Give thanks for the great start to Club Pulse with 12 young people returning, including 3 new YR7s, with more expected in coming weeks. Give thanks that we can run it safely and give a space for the young people to connect with each other again.
  • Thanks for the ability to connect with previous young people who were linked in with PSALMS. Nathan will be meeting with 3 different previous PSALMS employees/youth over the coming weeks. Give thanks that the investment over the years still has impacted their lives.
  • Both Cranham and the Croft Schools have been receptive to our presence, especially when it’s not guarantees that we’d be welcomed in at this time. Give thanks that both headteachers have been open to new opportunities and for PSALMS to assist them during lunchtimes.
  • Give thanks that even though 2 volunteers who had served faithfully at youth club for many years had to step back, that 2 new volunteers have got involved. Thanks for Gods provision and providing workers for the harvest.


  • Praise God that whilst PSALMS’ after-school club at Park Jr. has not been allowed to take place, we have been given other opportunities to serve and share the Christian faith in the school. Emily has been asked to provide a video for their weekly collective worship (with activities) and will also be in the school every Friday to help with lunch duty.
  • Praise God for the safe return of club pulse youth group on the 14th September. We saw all young people return from pre-COVID and some new faces join us too which was fantastic! The young people are also doing a great job at adjusting to and adhering to the new safety measures in place.
  • Praise God for the holiday club at home which happened on 5 Fridays over the summer. 24 children engage, 100% gave it 10/10 for enjoyment and all said they would come again. Praise God for the team from all 5 churches who pulled this together and who remain passionate about reaching families and thinking of new ways to do this.
  • Praise God for the 11 young people from Stonehouse who went to ‘Take 10 at TRAC’ in the summer. 5 came for the first time and the majority signed up within the first 24 hours of bookings! Praise God that this provided good momentum leading into the new academic year.


  • Praise God for the summer games and frisbee golf over the summer, the way in which these brought opportunities to not only see the young people but engage with their families in an honest and easy way about how lockdown had been for them.
  • Praise God for the 9 young people who managed to come along to Take10@TRAC from Nailsworth, that they came open and wanting to engage in the faith elements of the day as well as having a really great time together.
  • Praise God for the school in seeing PSALMS and the local church as an essential part of their school that they invited representatives from both to continue coming into the school!
  • Praise God for the new opportunities to engage with the primary school like the mental health support and confidence group that they asked PSALMS to run for the year 5s and 6s.
  • Praise God for the opportunities to partner with groups in Nailsworth like the youth club to ensure that the young people and families in Nailsworth have needs met and they have spaces to be free of worries in amongst trials.


  • Praise God for the open doors and the way in which headteachers at our primary schools have welcomed us back as we restart the academic year.
  • Praise God for the summer games events that took place at Kemble Primary School over the summer. Thank him for the way in which this allowed us to reconnect with young people and their families, reflecting on lockdown experiences.
  • Praise God for the 7 young people who came to Take10@TRAC from Thameshead, and those others who wanted to, but were unable. Thank God for incredible conversations as we had fun together, and openly shared and discussed faith.
  • Praise God for how we will be able to restart Club Pulse, with the village hall being amazing in supporting us to restart in the correct way.
  • Praise God for new relationships with young people through the restart of Sapperton Pulsar and Kemble Pulsar, as well as the start of Sapperton Lunchtime Club.

West Cheltenham

  • Praise God for the opportunities over the summer to engage in ‘summer games’ and crazy frisbee golf.
  • Praise God for the desire from the families in the area for community and faith.
  • Praise God for the team coming together wishing to serve the community more over these coming months.

Coopers Edge

  • Thank God that September has started with us being able to run Detached Sport sessions at Coopers Edge MUGA, with young people coming along and great conversation had.
  • Thank God for Natalie Burfitt, who had been working for the Diocese in Coopers Edge over the past few years. Praise God for the relationships she had built and conversations had. Also, for Simon Padley, who had great input into the area, who is now moving on.
  • Thank God for ongoing conversations with both the school and Community Centre, as we explore how best to reach primary school aged children. Praise him for open doors.

North Gloucestershire

  • Praise God for the community football in Innsworth and the young people who continue to attend. Praise him for the relationships we have built and continue to build with them.
  • Praise God for the positive meetings with church leaders in the area, we thank him for giving them open hearts and minds to the ministry we are trying to deliver. Paise his mighty name.


  • Praise God for His provision for financial provision over the last few months. With COVID- 19 affecting lots of churches, charities and organisations we are so grateful to be in a position where we aren’t having to make difficult choices about redundancies or reduction of activities.
  • The conversation around OneLife is drawing to a conclusion. Gods hand and guidance on the journey so far has been so clear to see. There is a meeting at the start of Oct where the final proposal will be considered. Praise God for getting to this stage.


Date Please pray…


Sept 26th Please pray for the activity day we are planning at Viney Hill Christian Activity Centre, that no major obstacles are thrown our way. Pray that God is with us and the day will be filled with young people to whom we can share his word and love with. Praise God for our local schools and all the teachers we engage with.
27th Pray for Forest Church taking place in Somerford Keynes this afternoon. Pray for Liz and Juliette as they lead the group and Ben to have great conversations with families and young people attending. Please let us know any prayers or insights for the team, reflections from the past week, encouragements going ahead.
28th Please pray for that the session run on a Monday at the Beacon, Painswick, that it continues to be a place where young people/children can be themselves and feel comfortable in embracing Christ.


Please pray for Lydia as she begins to have initial conversations with key contacts in West Cheltenham, that she would listen well and be clear in her communication of what PSALMS’ heart is for the area.


Please pray that Nathan and Laura can bring Jesus to the children of Cranham Primary School and that they can find enjoyment and meaning in the physical activities provided.
Oct 1st


Stonehouse LMG (Local Management Group) who meet this evening for the first time in 6 months. Pray for the team as they re-group, consider what is going on and plan together for the future.


Please pray for Tim as he starts to get into his first ever time studying on a theology course with MTC St Ebbe’s. Pray that he feels Gods presence and he does not feel overwhelmed but full of encouragement and strength to learn and unpackage Gods word.
3rd Please Pray for the work in Oddington yesterday, with Laura joining Mark there, pray that the holy spirit can come into the lives of the children that we are working with, and impact the hearts of these young people. Praise God for those in local politics, that they can be guided as to next steps for our communities.
4th Please pray for Dave as he visits St George’s Church in Nailsworth this Sunday. Please let us know any prayers or insights for the team, reflections from the past week, encouragements going ahead.
5th Please pray for Emily and the team at Amberley Church as they meet today to discuss restarting the youth group there. Pray for wisdom, that enough volunteers would be found and for the preparation needed to make it COVID safe.
6th Bishops Council are meeting tonight to consider the OneLife proposal. This has significant implications for PSALMS. Pray that Gods will would be done and the Holy Spirit would be guiding all conversations and decisions in the meeting.
7th Please pray for wisdom for Lydia as she reflects on conversations about West Cheltenham and tries to come up with some key priorities for the year ahead.
8th Please pray for the weekly sports ministry training taking place on Thursdays until Christmas. Praise God that we have had people sign up to attend, some even from overseas, who all wish to become more equipped in sharing the Christian faith with children and young people using sports, games and play. Pray that new opportunities would open up for them to use the skills and knowledge they have acquired, and for wisdom for the facilitators who are delivering the sessions.
9th Please pray for the Stonehouse frisbee golf course happening this Sunday at Oldends Lane. The event was cancelled on two occasions over the summer due to rain, but we hope this event will go ahead. Pray that families would sign-up, they would engage with the reflections at each hole and that links may be built going forwards.
10th In West Cheltenham Laura Mears and Lydia are hoping to begin an active all-age family worship gathering tonight. Pray for protection, creativity and joy as they meet to praise God together through sport. Praise God for the ways in which he has worked through our different sessions and clubs over the past term as we head into ½ term. Thank him for our schools’ open doors and creativity he has given us during this time.
11th Please pray for Laura at this time who will need inspiration for helping to provide inclusive sports. Please let us know any prayers or insights for the team, reflections from the past week, encouragements going ahead.
12th Pray for Beacon Club Pulse tonight, as they run a photo scavenger hunt night. Pray particularly for the new bunch of YR7s attending, that they would start to mesh with the group and feel at home at the youth group. Pray that as leaders we would be attentive to the needs of the young people, and we would see opportunities to just be present with them as important.
13th Lift your prayers to the North of Glos patch, where Tim and Nathan are running a Football Community session today. A complete mixture of Christian and non-Christian backgrounds will connect at this session, and so pray that we keep the mix of sport and faith fresh, so that it doesn’t become stale.
14th Pray for Coopers Edge detached session taking place this afternoon. Pray firstly for the weather – that it will stay dry so we can carry out the session fully. Also, for those young people who have been attending in previous weeks, pray for regular attendees and those at the Skatepark anyway, that they will interact with us.
15th Please pray for Laura, that God will keep her health in good order so that she can continue to bring the essence of Jesus Christ and the holy spirit to everyone that she meets.
16th Please pray for Emily as she helps with lunchtime duty at Park Jr. school in Stonehouse every Friday. Pray that this would be a key way to maintain contact with the school and that the collective worship videos she is doing would allow more people to know about the work of PSALMS, but more importantly meet with God.
17th Please pray for the families in and around Nailsworth, that they will see PSALMS as a support and partner that they can contact for their young people and needs in the area. Praise God that prayer is such a powerful tool for change, and that even if most church members can’t assist with the sport, that they can and have been diligently praying in unity with us for the young people.
18th Please pray for the Churches in Nailsworth as they meet this morning, that they will continue to grow closer to one another, the community and PSALMS. Please let us know any prayers or insights for the team, reflections from the past week, encouragements going ahead.
19th Pray for Thameshead LMG taking place this afternoon. Pray that as we discuss how to reach our young people in different and new ways that God will guide our conversations. Pray also for Frankie as he leads us in looking at how we use communication.


Please pray for Dave and the group that are exploring mental health and confidence at Nailsworth Primary School today, that God would be the confidence that the young people can see and hold on to.
21st Give thanks that Cranham School have been so receptive to us coming in and providing sport during their lunchtimes. Prayer that as Laura and Nathan head across once again today, that the Spirit would intercede on their behalf and speak into the hearts of the children with what they share.
22nd Pray for Club Pulse taking place in Coates this evening. Pray that God will speak through Ben and Jane as they lead the group and that our young leaders will grow in their leadership roles through their roles.
23rd Please pray for all the young people as they complete their first half term at schools. Pray they have not found it too daunting or scary with all the COVID procedures they have had to follow. Pray that they will come back for the second half term full of eagerness, energy and positivity.
24th Please pray that inclusive sports coaching can flourish at PSALMS. Praise God for all our Church Leaders, leading congregations in our partner areas and supporting the work of PSALMS.
25th Pray for the Beacon area today as they trial a new family lay-led service. Pray that local families attend and the interactive nature of the service speaks to them. Please let us know any prayers or insights for the team, reflections from the past week, encouragements going ahead.
26th Please pray for Stonehouse Club Pulse youth group who meet tonight and are carving pumpkins with positive images/messages. Thank God that all have returned post lockdown and for the new faces who have also joined, as well as the volunteers who give their time.
27th Please pray for Lydia as she gets ready to submit her first assignments to Ridley Hall at the end of the week. And generally, for her time management throughout the year as she learns how to juggle Ridley and PSALMS work.
28th Please pray for Laura and others taking part in the New Year Discipleship Year across the UK. Pray that God gives us all the strength to complete our assignments and to grow in Knowledge and in Wisdom.
29th The first day of Take10@TRAC is today, with our partner areas attending, and the further afield Diocese areas tomorrow. Pray for fun, for safety, but above all we want to be transparent with all youth there that these days are about connecting in fellowship and ultimately thinking about Jesus – so prayer that this is clear to all.
30th Please pray for the work being done in Cranham that we, Nathan and Laura, can make the sports sessions at Cranham as fun and enjoyable as possible for the primary school children there.
31st Please pray for St Pauls, Cheltenham as they have the crazy frisbee golf course today for families in the area! Praise God for all those who give to PSALMS, through financial gifts, time, resources and energy. Our work wouldn’t happen without them.
Nov 1st May I ask that you offer up a prayer as the nights are cold and dark and tough in November; that all of the PSALMS ministers may continue to do their best in providing sport’s ministry to the young people, by bringing the shining light of Jesus with them. Please let us know any prayers or insights for the team, reflections from the past week, encouragements going ahead.