Kempsford Sports Club Update

Our indoor season at Kempsford village hall from 6-7pm on a Thursday evening continues to be a great success.  We have between 8 and 12 along each week ranging from ages 7 to 16 which has been a unique challenge.  Those over 13 have been part of our new leadership programme that has been introduced.  During the 30-minute period after the session we have been exploring a number of different topics including encouragement, forgiveness and servant leadership.  We have then split this time into a 3-week rotation, the first week is the topic we will be covering, the second week a time to learn a game that they will be leading the following week.  The third week being a time to eat together and relaxing as a reward for them leading the session.

Last week the session was in full swing being our first fully young leader led sports session.  Some of the young leaders really stepped up during this time, showing some excellent leadership skills.  Taking control of the situation, getting everyone involved and making sure everyone felt valued.  It’s fantastic to see the growth in confidence over the last few months when it comes to the leadership group and taking ownership over certain parts of the sessions.  What was truly amazing to see was the respect the younger members of the group had for the young leaders leading.

Another great success over in Kempsford was the recent trip to better extreme.  We took 10 of the young people to a trampoline park signifying the first trip PSALMS has done with the sports club.  This was a fantastic experience and a really nice finish to the winter term.  Being in a different environment really helped build further on some relationships with the young people.  Especially some of the younger ones of the group who became more confident and open to having conversations with us.

Discipleship is a really important part of the Kempsford sports club in helping them grow as people of sport and in discovering who God is to them at the same time.  This term we are discovering the deeper meanings between popular characters in the bible such as Noah and Joseph.  This has already seen such a great response and engagement in the two deeper meanings of promise and forgiveness.  With a true realisation to how they can do that in their lives.  We hope for God to continue to impact the young people’s lives in Kempsford and grow them as leaders and spiritually at the same time.