Nailsworth Pulsar Club Update

Pulsar Club during Monday lunchtimes has been a big part of the work in Nailsworth for the last few years and this term it has taken such a great step forward! Through amazing work of the local Churches and development of relationship between PSALMS and the staff at the primary school we have been encouraged to go big. So, as PSALMS we took the challenge and did!

We were greatly encouraged to be given the use of the gym during lunch, a new development that meant we could engage much greater through the language of sport, sharing faith and Biblical truths with a much greater number of young people. This permission giving from the headteacher, who suggested they move their most popular club to another day such that this could happen, was brilliant. This depth of relationship and trust from the school is great that they want PSALMS to be able to engage with more of their young people is definitely good news.

Developing Pulsar Club has led to over a doubling of young people attending over the last half-term and we are looking forward to growing more. We also have been blessed by the lunch time supervisors to be given several tables for discussion in the lunch hall to be able to go deeper into discussion and be present for the young people and answering their questions about faith and having opportunity to pray even more together.

As PSALMS we always want to be able to provide next steps for the young people we engage with, for Pulsar Club we had the joys of holiday club called WonderZone this half-term. It was brilliant to see them coming and inviting their siblings leading to the biggest holiday club yet with 37 young people exploring what it’s like to see Jesus as light of the world, what it is to ask God for wisdom, the promises of God and being able to share in the mystery of faith. We are also looking forward to taking some of our Pulsar Club to the Pulsar Residential Weekend on March the 28-29th for years 4-6. If you are reading this and want to find out more about the Pulsar weekend please look on either our Facebook page or the bookings section of our site.

Please do be praying for Pulsar Club in Nailsworth and all that God has planned for it!