Pulsar Weekend Residential

We’ve recently returned from our Pulsar Adventure Weekend at Viney Hill. This year we had an amazing turnout of almost 50 children, all of whom had a great time taking part in club times & small groups where we tackled some of the questions most asked by school children about God. They also enjoyed sports and adventure activities and a fun sleepover at Chalford Hill Methodist Church. We were really pleased to be joined by Steve Hutchinson, from Scripture Union, again this and thankful for his, and Nathan Youlton’s, work on putting together the bible materials. There was a real buzz throughout the weekend and we were so pleased with how the young people got involved in rapping memory verses, joining in with the worship songs, quizzes and stories during the club and small group times which they seemed to enjoy as much as the adventure activities!

We looked at some big questions over the weekend including Why do bad things happen to good people and we are very thankful for your prayers for the weekend and to all those involved in making it such as success! 

Here is the trailer for the weekend, click here to see other PSALMS videos, including our VLOGS.