Introducing Sportily

Sportily is the new name selected by children and young people for our sports ministry organisation, building on 15 years of PSALMS’ ministry in Gloucestershire. We wanted to make sure that we had the perfect name to describe the network of fun-loving sport and faith groups where you can try different sports, make friends and explore what life is all about.

 Why has the name changed from PSALMS and OneLife?

We hired a team of experts to ask young people aged 11 to 18, with no connection to the church… “Which name works for you?” The name they loved was Sportily – they agreed the name makes it clear that we are focused on sport and physical activity for all abilities and felt it communicated a welcome, fun and inclusive environment.

The tagline ‘Play sports, talk life’ and the secondary line ‘Run by Christians. Open to all.’ further explains what we’re all about.

PSALMS is our foundation, OneLife was our temporary working title and Sportily will take us forward into all that lies ahead.

 What’s happening next?

On 31st October, Bishop Rachel is commissioning Sportily to go and invite families, children and young people from across the Diocese to get involved. Further work will be undertaken as we look to implement the new name across all that we do.

 This is the message.

Fluff it. Duff it. Score it. Smash it. Whatever you do, just give it a go. That’s our motto for sport and for life. We’re for jumping right in and going on new adventures together, as a team. We are a place for you to try different sports, make new friends and explore what life is all about. So we do all sorts of sports and activities, some you’ll know, some you might not (heard of Kabaddi?), we hang out, we chat, we eat and we discover new things. What matters is we have a laugh while doing it.

We believe that being more active, like the Christian faith, can change your life forever. And so we’re here to get you moving and show you that things are a lot more fun when we’re kicking, diving, riding, rolling, running and jumping around together. Are you in?


The Board of trustees is appreciative of all the support, prayers, and action supporting the work of Sportily as it begins the next phase of engagement. Please pray during this time:

For the team as we communicate this transition to the children and young people we work with.

For all the activities restarting after the school holidays.

For our vision to use sport and physical activity to reach the 95% not connected to church, to share the Gospel and create new worshipping communities with them.

The new website is: