What is the Pulse?

The Pulse is a collection of children’s and youth groups across the Stroud area offering free,fun, energetic and high-quality youth work with ethical christian values.

Who can join a Pulse club?

Any child or young person can join a Pulse club – they don’t have to belong to a particular church or geographical location.  Click on the links opposite to find out about clubs relevant to your child’s age group.

What’s unique about Pulse clubs?

We believe it’s great for kids to be active and energetic, rather than stuck in front of a computer or TV every evening, so our children’s and youth groups are characterised by energetic fun and games that will engage even the liveliest children. We also believe it’s important for children to grow up with a moral compass, so we try to help them look at important issues that affect them, using christian values as a basis for discussions. Pulse clubs are run mainly by volunteers from local churches, supported by trained specialists from PSALMS.

Pulsar Colour

Normally for ages 8-11 (Year 4 – 6).

Pulsar clubs are run both as lunchtime clubs within local primary schools and outside of school time within the local community.

Club Colour

Normally for ages 11-14 (Year 7 – 9).

Club Pulse runs weekly and includes more opportunity for young teenagers to chill with their friends, whilst still enjoying a range of exciting and fun activities.

Plus Colour

For those in Year 10+, the content of Pulse+ groups are defined by those attending as we aim for our older teens to plan their own groups. We feel this helps develop their leadership skills. More time for chill, conversation, videos and food often define the Pulse+ groups.