We are happy to come and do assemblies on a regular basis in secondary schools for all year groups. We hope to make assemblies interactive and more exciting so the young people engage and enjoy them.


We also offer mentoring to secondary schools. Mentoring provides a chance for young people who may be struggling with a variety of issues (e.g. behaviour, home issues, bullying…) to meet one on one with their mentor once a week. The aim of the mentor is, through building a strong relationship with the young person, to be a support, a guide and to help them achieve goals which will help them in the long run.

Christian Union.

A Christian Union is a group which usually runs at lunchtime or afterschool. It is a place where young people get the opportunity to discover or grow in their faith and their beliefs. Christian Union groups can take various forms, e.g. discussions, interactive activities.

Thomas Keble CU

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