Rob French

Director of Sports Ministry

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I work as the Director of Sports Ministry for Psalms and started in January 2017. I have been in the wonderful county of Gloucestershire since 2009 when I first came to study Sports Education at the University of Gloucestershire. I then worked as a Community and Sport Worker in Upper Rissington (near Bourton- on- the- Water) for three years with a Christian charity called CUR:ve. These were three fantastic years for me as I discovered some of the ways God can use sport in bringing communities together, building relationships and encouraging people to move closer towards Jesus. During this time I also completed a Masters in Sport and Christian Outreach. More recently I have worked for the Langley House Trust in a home that supports adults who are seeking to live crime free lives and make a positive contribution towards society. I love Jesus, humans and sport and am excited to see God at work through sport across Gloucestershire and beyond!

Nathan Youlton

Strategic Sports Minister – Beacon Benefice

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I work as one of the Strategic Sports Ministers for Psalms and only recently started in September 2017.  Prior to this I had the pleasure of working as an Assistant Chaplain for 2 years in Dean Close School in Cheltenham, where I thoroughly enjoyed supporting and getting alongside young people through the combination of sport and faith.  However, my interest in this type of ministry stretches back to my degree in Sport & Exercise Science, and provided me with a exciting direction with which to place my passions.  Due to this, I stepped out of university and straight into an internship with Ambassadors Football, working in South & East London.  That year, helped blossom my attitude and confidence in the way sport could break down barriers, build community and bring people to Jesus, and has stayed with me ever since.

Emily Twigg

Strategic Sports Minister – Stonehouse

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I’m PSALMS’ new Strategic Sports Minister as of September 2018, and will be working specifically in the Stonehouse area. I am so excited to be joining the team, getting to know you all, having Stonehouse as my base, and can’t wait to get to see what God has in store for us! I have previously been working as a youth minister for a Baptist Church in Suffolk, and am an ordained Baptist Youth Minister, having trained at Bristol Baptist College where I did a theology and youth and community study degree.

I have a real heart for young people, and showing and sharing the love of Christ and Gospel with them in word and deed, whatever their background or view of God. I have seen in previous roles how sport can communicate the Gospel in a fresh, relatable way, whilst also reaching young people (and adults), the church would traditionally not come into contact with, and am thrilled to be joining an organisation where this is their focus. Tennis is my sport of choice, and once settled I am hoping to join a club and further down the line explore whether we might be able to use tennis in PSALMS’ sports ministry. Outside of this I love baking, going to the cinema, going for walks by the sea and being crafty!

Ben Fudge

Sports Minister – Thameshead Benefice

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Hi – I started with PSALMS in September 2017 as an Intern and now work as a Sports Minister. I had previously spent three years living in Cambridge, where I completed an undergraduate degree in Sports Coaching and Physical Education at Anglia Ruskin University. I have been involved and interested in sport my whole life, that mainly being football, but I enjoy virtually any sport on offer! One of my biggest passions in life is seeing how sport can be used as a starting block for children and youth to explore and discuss what they believe. I have a heart for people and love combining sport and God as a job! I have loved my time here so far and I am excited to be staying around as a Sports Minister starting in September 2018 along with getting married in October!

Dave Moller

Trainee Sports Minister – Nailsworth

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Hello, I’m a trainee sports minister coming into PSALMS to help work in the Nailsworth area alongside my theology and sports evangelism studies at Cambridge.  I’m thoroughly looking forward to going deeper into mission and ministry.

I’ve always been passionate about sport and as my faith has grown I have really looked forward to an opportunity to put the two together so am really looking forward to seeing how this can work to grow my faith and God willing, help the faith of those I encounter through not just PSALMS but in my everyday life.

Simon Fellows

Part Time Trainee Sports Minister – Cheltenham

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I work as a part time trainee sports minister for PSALMS.  I started in September 2019.  Previously I have worked as a registered Paramedic for 8 years, moving to Cheltenham with my wife last year and I am currently going through a discernment process for possible ordination next September.  I have been involved over the last year with St Pauls Church in Cheltenham as part of their leadership team and volunteering in their Thursday football sessions with children and young people and have enjoyed seeing them flourish as faith has also been explored.  My roots in sport go back to friendship groups growing up and children’s ministry, much of my youth was very connected to sport and especially football in a variety of contexts, including church and school.  In working with PSALMS, I am excited to combine my love of sport with sharing the love of Jesus with the children and youth.  My prayer for this journey is that the children and youth we come into contact with, will meet the living reality of a God who loves them and pursues them, and I am excited to be even a small part in that!

Ben White


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Ben is a very ambitious and competitive character, abandoning the beach in Bournemouth and replacing it with the Gloucestershire countryside, he’s come expectant to see young people come to Christ.  He has spent the last 5 years coaching within schools and academies across the south coast.  Ben’s passion for Gods mission has seen him travel across the globe evangelising to young people.  He loves to see young people encounter the Holy Spirit, whilst showing a great example of a Christian in sport.  As a young person Ben has experienced the challenges of sport vs church and Gods great provision in breaking down barriers between the two.  You will usually find Ben at either three places: coming from sport, playing sport or going to sport, he is really excited to bring that passion for sport and Christ to the young people of Gloucestershire.