Sports Ministry Events

Wild and Fit in Gloucester Cathedral

Football Tournament in Gloucester Cathedral

Sports Ministry in Gloucestershire

P.E Lessons

PSALMS offers help to some local primary schools with their P.E. provision. We provided high quality P.E. lessons to help keep the children active in schools and get them interested in joining sports clubs. We mix ,where possible, sport with the schools values to add that extra level to our lesson delivery.

After school sports coaching

PSALMS offers schools in the local area some professional sports coaching for their football and basketball teams. By doing this we are building relationships with the local community, staff and students of the schools. It is also helping keep young people active and raising the profile of the local church in the local community especially with young people. (See below for more information).

Dodgeball Coaching

(Chalford, Kemble, Sapperton)

Pulsar Sports follows a training programme from UK Dodgeball Association and looks at what it takes to be a team player and part of God’s team, dodgeball is great fun for all abilities. Each session is split into four sections, coaching and drills, dodgeball variations (different dodgeball games), team talk and finally match games.

Orienteering Coaching

Summer Terms (Chalford, Kemble, Sapperton)

Orienteering is an exciting sport and helps to develop mental agility as well as a increase levels of fitness. It supports the growth of decision making skills and problem solving both individually and as small groups and challenges the children with coordination and spatial awareness, whilst maintaining a level of positive competition amongst the pupils.
Our orienteering clubs also have PHSE and RE elements, looking at positive life skills and how the bible helps Christians to find direction in their lives. Orienteering, by it’s nature, also connects with other curriculum lessons such as maths and geography.

Pulsar Games

Pulsar Games clubs run lunchtimes with loads of fun, energetic outside games and a time to reflect on the theme of the day with a story from the Bible.

Cranham – Mondays 12noon – 1.00pm

Painswick – Tuesdays 12.30 – 1.15pm

Basketball club

(Nailsworth Primary school)

PSALMS runs an after school Basketball club for students and the primary school. It ranges from Yr4-Yr6. We look at different skills each week in Basketball, from dribbling, passing and shooting. We always end in a fun game where we get to put that day’s session into practice. If you would like to find out more please contact Dave Moller at


PSALMS can be found in the heart of our communities playing sport on the local Multi Use Games Areas. If you enjoy playing sport in your free time then go along to your local MUGA on a Tuesday in Nailsworth or Wednesday in Stonehouse and have fun playing sport with your local PSALMS team and community.